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Fashion and Home Accessories Retail Representation and Consulting
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Vendor Retail Representation
We explore and assess the best retail locations that compliment your lines, and use our expertise to skillfully merchandise your products, both in store and online.

Merchandising and Visual Display
Let us spruce up your current floorplan with more effective display techniques that enhance guest engagement and boost sales.

Packaging Design
Don't let packaging get in the way of your products. We help design packaging and sales collateral that captures the essence of your line and makes a memorable, motivating impression on customers.

Point-of-Sale Systems Consultation
Considering an update to your POS system? Whether you’re still using hand-written receipts or already on an electronic platform, we can help guide you through the process and avoid costly missteps.

Social Media Management
So you’ve got a great line but feel awkward bragging about it? Leave it to us! We speak the online languages that vendors, retailers, and consumers love to hear, and can help you find your brand’s voice too!

Staff Training
Industry retail sales is not a job, it’s a passion. We bring out the best in your team and show them the best practices to increase ticket value and volume. Invigorate your staff to enthusiastically engage your visitors!

Small Store "Attention to Detail 101"
If “good enough is the enemy of greatness,” then being simply good enough just won’t cut it in today’s competitive retail environments. We look at your shop with supporting and discerning eyes and find ways to elevate your customers’ experience from good – to great!

Custom Consulting Packages for All Budgets
Not sure where to start? Give us a call! We’re industry fanatics and would love to help your line or shop succeed any way we can. 

merchandising and visual display